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December 2015

Paper accepted!
Tao Zan, Li Liu, Hsiang-Shang Ko, and Zhenjiang Hu’s paper “Brul: A Putback-Based Bidirectional Transformation Library for Updatable Views” is accepted for 5th International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations is accepted for BX 2016 (part of ETAPS 2016).

December 2015

Paper accepted!
Chong Li, Le-Duc Tung, Xiaodong Meng, and Zhenjiang Hu’s paper “Derivation of Parallel-Efficient Structural Recursive Functions from Declarative Graph Queries” (Short Paper/Poster) is accepted for SAC 2016.

November 2015

Paper accepted!
Xiao Cheng, Yuting Chen, Zhenjiang Hu, Tao Zan, Mengyu Liu, Hao Zhong, and Jianjun Zhao’s paper “Supporting Selective Undo for Refactoring” is accepted for SANER 2016.

October 2015

Paper accepted!
Hsiang-shang Ko, Tao Zan, and Zhenjiang Hu's paper “BiGUL: A Formally Verified Core Language for Putback-based Bidirectional Programming” got accepted for the Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM 2016).

October 2015

A new webpage!
A new project webpage for BiGra: a systematic framework for transforming big graphs.

September 2015

A new webpage!
A new project webpage which summarises our research on putback-based bidirectional transformations now is online.

On 18th-20th August 2015

Our annual IPL Summer Camp was held at Kusatsu, Gunma!

On 5th June 2015

Zirun Zhu, Hsiang-Shang Ko, Pedro Martins, João Saraiva, and Zhenjiang Hu's paper “Roll Your Parser and Reflective Printer into One” got accepted for the Fourth International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformation (BX2015).

On 16th April 2015

Mr. Le Duc Tung got the Student Scholarship Awards on the 31th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2015).

On 31st March 2015

IPL seminar starts!

On 25th March 2015

Three intern students join our lab! You can see the details at member page.

On 5th Feburary 2015

The one-day Spring Festival Workshop on Programming Languages will be held on the 20th this month, featuring two invited talks by Prof Jeremy Gibbons (U Oxford) and Prof João Saraiva (U Minho) and eight contributed talks.

On 5th Feburary 2015

Professor Mizuhito Ogawa from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) gives a talk about "Well-structured pushdown system".

On 3rd Feburary 2015

Professor Jianjun Zhao from Shanghai Jiao Tong University visits our lab and gives a talk about "CodeHow: Effective Code Search based on Query Understanding and Extended Boolean Model".
Dr. He Xiao from University of Science and Technology Beijing gives a talk about "Towards Testing Model-Related Operations via Randomized Model Generation".

On 25th November 2014

Prof. Robert Glueck from Copenhagen University gives a talk about "Fast Simulation of Two-Way Non-deterministic Pushdown Automata, and its Use in Program Generation"

On 11th November 2014

Dr. Oleg gives a talk about "Reflection without Remorse : Revealing a hidden sequence to speed up monadic reflection"

On 7th October 2014

New semester IPL seminar starts !

On 2nd October 2014

BiFluX is updated with the new version of GHC (7.8.3), a VIM highlighting script and a template makefile are added.

On 25th September 2014

Congratulations !
Mr. Yu Liu receives the Ph.D from SOKENDAI and got the Best Student Award.

On 4th July 2014

Welcome new intern Ms.Yonghan Mei from Peking University to join our lab!

On 30th June 2014

Congratulations !
Our research paper "BiFluX: A Bidirectional Functional Update Language for XML" was accepted for PPDP 2014 authored by Hugo Pacheco, Tao Zan and Zhenjiang Hu.

On 19th June 2014

Professor Zhenjiang Hu gave a keynote talk at FM 2014. You can download the slides by click: Validity Checking of Bidirectional Transformations.

On 9th June 2014

Welcome Dr.Chong Li to join our lab!

On 8th April 2014

IPL seminar of this semester starts. It will be held every week on Tuesday morning.

On 4th April 2014

Grace Center Seminar
Dr. Coen De Roover will give a talk about A Logic Foundation for Template-based Program Transformation in Eclipse.

On 13th March 2014

Congratulations !
Our short paper "Writing Bidirectional Model Transformations as Intentional Changes" was accepted for ICSE2014@NIER authored by Tao Zan, Hugo Pacheco and Zhenjiang Hu.

On 13th March 2014

Semantic Methods in Haskell and Functional Programming Seminar
On March 13th, a half-day seminar on functional programming at NII. It is organized by Prof. Hamana, who is visiting our lab in NII. For more detailed information please refer to Seminar website.

On 11th March 2014

IPL invited talk
On March 11 (Tus), Prof. Massimo Tisi, from Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France will give a talk about "Model-Driven Engineering in Large-Scale Systems". For more information please refer to talk.

On 1th January 2014

Happy New Year !

On 17th October 2013

IPL Lecture Series
From October 29 , Prof. Frédéric Loulergue , from University of Orleans will give a series of talks about "Systematic Development of Correct Programs for Parallel and Cloud Computing". For more detailed information please refer to NII Event .

On 17th October 2013

IPL invited talk
On November 12 (Tus), Prof. Alcino Cunha, from University of Minho will give a talk about "Model Repair and Transformation with Echo". For more information please refer to talk.

On 16th October 2013

Congratulations !
Yu Liu's journal paper "Accumulative Computation on MapReduce" was accepted for Information Processing Society of Japan Transactions on Programming(情報処理学会論文誌 プログラミング).

On 16th October 2013

Congratulations !
Yu Liu's journal paper "A Generate-Test-Aggregate Parallel Programming Library for Systematic Parallel Programming" was accepted for PMAM 2013 special issue with Parallel Computing.

On 15th October 2013

Functional Language Curry Course
Dr. Sebastian Fischer, a freelance computer scientist.
A Mini-Course on Curry (A Functional Logic Programming Language)

On 8 October 2013

IPL Lab seminar started.

On 2 September 2013

BX Summer Camp will be held from Sep. 2th to Sep. 4th

On 27 August 2013

IPL invited talk
Professor Yingfei Xiong from Peiking University gives a talk about "Interactive fixes for software configuration".

On 23 July 2013

IPL invited talk
On 30 July, Prof. Zhi Jin will give a talk about "Non-functional requirements Driven Selection of Implementation Strategies" and Prof. Yuting Chen will talk about "Partitioning and Weaving of Equations: A tracing-free approach to incremental points-to analysis".

On 20 July 2013

Summer Camp will be held from Aug. 3th to Aug. 5th
You can view the details here.

On 10 June 2013

Congratulations !
The paper "Structural Recursion for Querying Ordered Graphs" was accepted for ICFP2013 which will be held in September. The work was done by Big group.

On 9 April 2013

The 3rd Parallelism-Oblivious Programming (POP) Workshop will be held at Shonan Village Center from April 29 -- May 1, 2013.

On 18 March 2013

The 66th Grace Center Seminar was held.
Professor Jianjun Zhao from Shanghai Jiao Tong University gives a talk about "Debugging with Online Slicing and Dryrun".

On 21 February 2013

Room changed to 1208 !
The Place for the lectures on March 1st have been change to room 1208.
View details at Spring Course Webpage.

On 15 February 2013

Room changed !
The Place for the 3rd and 4th lectures have been change to room 2208.
View details at Spring Course Webpage.

On 15 February 2013

Prof. Jeremy Gibbons gives the first two lectures at NII from 14:00 to 17:00.
The course material now is available .

On 8 February 2013

Winter Camp of Big group will be held from Feb.17th to Feb.19th at Karuizawa.
You can view the details here.

On 30 January 2013

Professor Jeremy Gibbons from Oxford University will give a series of lecture about Patterns in Functional Programming. You can view the lecture details here

On 22 January 2013

Wilson-Kanamori's work on A Bidirectional Collaboration Framework for Bio-Model Development will be presented at BX 2013 colocated with ETAPS 2013.

On 21 January 2013

Zhenjiang gave a keynote talk at ACM PEPM 2013 on practical aspects of bidirectional graph transformation (slides).

On 1 January 2013

Yu's work on "A Generate-Test-Aggregate Parallel Programming Library" will be presented at PMAM 2013.

On 18 December 2012

The 55th ToPS
Prof. Oleg Kiselyov gives a talk about logic programming: "Non-deterministic choice in a conventional programming language: Enough for logic programming?" and Dr. Hugo Pacheco talkes about Bidirectional Data Transformation by Calculation.

On 11 December 2012

Hidaka, Hu, Inaba, Kato Nakano,s journal paper GRoundTram: An Integrated Framework for Developing Well-Behaved Bidirectional Model Transformations has been accepted for Progress in Informatics, No. 10, Special Issue: Advanced Programming Techniques for Construction of Robust, General and Evolutionary Programs. author's version

On 27 November 2012

The 54th ToPS
Faiez Zalila (ENSEEIHT) will give a talk about Formal Verification Integration Approach for DSML and Sebastian Fischer will give a talk about On the Laws for Bidirectional Transformations.

On 01 November 2012

Our lab website is now open !
Thank you for visiting !

On 01 November 2012

NII Shonan Meeting Memorial Symposium -For Making Future Value From Asia-
Prof. Jeffrey D. Ullman (Emeritus, Stanford University), Prof. Robert Anthony Kowalski (Emeritus, Imperial College London) and Prof. Reinhard Wilhelm (Saarland University /Dagstuhl Seminar Director) will give keynote lectures at this symposium.

On 16 October 2012

Talks by Prof.Yu and Prof.Price at IPL Seminar
Prof. Yu and Prof. Price from the Open University gave a lecture at Rm 2006 (Seminar Room) on October 16 (10:00-12:00).

On 02 October 2012

IPL Seminar Starts
In the first meeting, we will decide the order of speakers in this winter semester, and also each of us will report the progress of one's study in this summer.

On 22-24 August 2012

The 29th JSSST Conference
Prof. Soichiro Hidaka gave a special talk at the JSSST conference about the paper "blinkit : Maintaining Invariant Traceability through Bidirectional Transformations" published at ICSE 2012.
Address: Koganei Campus, Hosei University.

On 10-12 August 2012

IPL Camp
Reading top conference papers and introducing to every one at the camp.
Address: Tambara International Seminar House